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Andy (USA & Canada Sales Consultant) and Vicky (Marketing Coordinator) venture into the heart of Yellowstone country and experience some of the best snowboarding of their lives along the way. Andy's write up of their experiences is sure to inspire you to add this trip to your wish list!
This winter is turning into one for the record books for Big Sky, Montana. With a base depth now of over 9ft, Thursday's snowstorm has opened up areas which are rarely skied on Lone Mountain.
Scandinavia Product Manager Andy took Team Ski Safari to experience Trysil first-hand for the annual ski weekend. Read on for their first and lasting impressions...
28 feet of snowfall so far this year and counting, Breck plans to tack another week of snow fun on to the end of their season.
Mother Nature has delivered the goods at Jackson Hole for the second snowiest February on record.
Japow! One epic week in Japan and more snow than you could drive a lorry through...
And the snow keeps coming - the very best part about arriving back at my desk after a rainy half term stuck at home...
10cms of fresh powder in RED and even more on the way. February will be white, white, white!
Snow storms hit the east coast and the locals are out to play
40 CM: Biggest Overnight Snowfall in 10 years at Panorama. And the snow's still coming down as winter storm blankets resort.
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